Trigger Treadz Controller Grips (PS4/Xbox One)



Trigger Treadz by iMP Gaming UK is a unique patent-pending grip for your controller triggers. They are designed to provide excellent grip and comfort for your DualShock® 4's R2 and L2 triggers or Xbox One's RT and LT triggers.

The treads are made from high-grade 3M™ sillicon rubber and adhesive. Each pack has 2 pairs of TriggerTreadz™ for 2 controllers. They come in 2 different tread designs to suit your gaming style.

There's nothing worse than preparing to score that vital goal or finishing off that end-level boss only to lose because your finger slipped off the trigger - ouch! It's time to GET TRACTION ON THE ACTION!™

  • Each pack has 2 pairs of Trigger Treadz™ for 2 controllers
  • Comes in 2 tread designs - Racing Rubber and All Terrain - to suit your gaming style
  • Made from high-grade 3M silicon rubber and adhesive

Please purchase the correct version for your system: PlayStation® 4 or Xbox One®.

The PlayStation® 4 version will fit: PlayStation® 4 PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro official controllers, i.e. DualShock® 4 DS4.

The Xbox One® version will fit: Xbox One®, Xbox One® S official controllers

    Installation: Clean your triggers to be free of dirt and grime before applying.

      *controller(s) not included*

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