Grip-iT Lightbar Decal Sticker [2pcs] (DualShock® 4 PS4 Controller Only)



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These striking Grip iT decals give your controller light bars a unique and customized look. It also dims the light from the DS4 lightbar, reducing glare and allowing for less distractions when gaming.

  • Comes with 2 pieces/stickers per pack (fits 2 controllers).
  • Dims DS4 lightbar to reduce light glare.
  • Striking customized look and die-cut with precision.
  • Printed with high quality semi gloss black vinyl for a polished look.
  • Clear application tape for easy installation.
  • Cut larger to ensure no light bleed from the sides.
  • Compatible with the DualShock® 4 for the PlayStation® 4 only, controller not included.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Press the logo firmly to ensure the transfer tape comes off with the decal.
  2. Turn on the controller so the lightbar is on.
  3. Peel the back of the decal carefully.
  4. Line the decal up with the lightbar so that it is slightly over the border to ensure no light bleeds from the sides.
  5. Apply the decal and rub across evenly and firmly.
  6. Peel the transfer tape off the controller at an angle slowly. Do NOT peel it straight across as it might tear the decal.



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