Trigger Treadz Controller Grips (PS4/Xbox One)



Trigger Treadz by iMP Gaming UK is a unique patent-pending grip for your controller triggers. They are designed to provide excellent grip and comfort for your DualShock® 4's R2 and L2 triggers or Xbox One's RT and LT triggers.

The treads are made from high-grade 3M™ sillicon rubber and adhesive. Each pack has 2 pairs of TriggerTreadz™ for 2 controllers. They come in 2 different tread designs to suit your gaming style.

There's nothing worse than preparing to score that vital goal or finishing off that end-level boss only to lose because your finger slipped off the trigger - ouch! It's time to GET TRACTION ON THE ACTION!™

  • Each pack has 2 pairs of Trigger Treadz™ for 2 controllers
  • Comes in 2 tread designs - Racing Rubber and All Terrain - to suit your gaming style
  • Made from high-grade 3M silicon rubber and adhesive

Please purchase the correct version for your system: PlayStation® 4 or Xbox One®.

The PlayStation® 4 version will fit: PlayStation® 4 PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro official controllers, i.e. DualShock® 4 DS4.

The Xbox One® version will fit: Xbox One®, Xbox One® S official controllers

    Installation: Clean your triggers to be free of dirt and grime before applying.

      *controller(s) not included*

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      Customer Reviews

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      Too good to be true.

      I purchased these sticky grips for my PS4 controller, and within two weeks of using it playing NHL online I have already noticed my left stick was beginning to wear down there for making the grip smooth and defeating the purpose. I like them, I like a look and I like the feel, but their durability just doesn't seem to stack up unfortunately


      Love my new grips! I can't wait to some trigger grips for my Xbox one controller

      triggrer threadz

      so simple and not slipping.. keep up

      just suggestions... can you make a grips? i think that would be great!


      Trigger Treadz Controller Grips (PS4/Xbox One)

      Controller grips

      The grips are reasonably good although they still provide some slippage at times but overall are good. The trigger grips had been abit underwhelming as the sticky side just fell off after a few days.

      Instagram #gripitaustralia