GRIP-IT Thumbstick Grips Frontpage Product Review by Good Game Australia and New Zealand!

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Thanks to the team at Good Game Australia & New Zealand who featured the Grip-iTs on their frontpage in a recent product review. Below is a re-post of their original article.

GoodGame Front Page Grip-iT Thumbstick Grips Covers Featured Product Review

"The units are simple to install and make a world of difference." 

Aromaci wraps his thumbs around the new Grip-it controller accessories, designed to improve your gameplay and protect your controller.

For anyone who has put countless hours of play time with their Dualshock 4, you'll know that it doesn't take long for the analogue sticks to start showing signs of wear and tear. The rubber wears smooth and they can even begin to crack and peel (which seems to be a common problem).

Enter Grip-iT Analogue Stick Covers.

Grip-iTs are simple rubber nubs that slip over your controller's thumb sticks. They provide added grip and do so extremely well. The units are simple to install and make a world of difference, preventing your thumbs from slipping and requiring you to constantly readjust their position, which can be particularly annoying in fast-paced games.

Our main concerns before reviewing the Grip-iTs were how well they would stick to the controller and if they could slip out of position during use. After several days of heavy use they have remained firmly in place with no signs of coming off during normal gameplay conditions.

The controller we tested the Grip-iTs on was very well used & about due for the rubbish. Fortunately, the Grip-iTs have saved it by covering the badly worn analogue sticks and made using it far more comfortable, especially during long gaming sessions. Not to mention they are a far cheaper alternative to installing new sticks or buying an entirely new controller.

Grip-iTs are available in a range of colours, and are a universal fit for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 & Xbox One controllers. They come recommended by us here at Good Game ANZ and can be purchased direct from the Grip-iT website located at or via eBay by simply searching 'Grip it'.

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