What your controller is missing - Feel the Difference.

Grip-iT thumb stick controller grip covers are designed for grip, comfort, and control for an enhanced gaming experience. Command total gameplay control and no less.

PS4 DS4 controller with blue Grip-iT thumb stick cover grips
Xbox One Controller with blue GripIT thumbstick cover grips

PS3 DS3 Controller with blue GripIT thumbstick cover grips
Xbox 360 Controller with blue Grip-IT thumb stick cover grips

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These rubber thumb grips will cover all official PS4™, PlayStation® 4 PS4™ Pro, PS4™ Slim DualShock® 4, PS3 DualShock® 3, Xbox One S™, Xbox One, and Xbox 360® analog controller thumbsticks.

Protect Your Thumbsticks

Grip-iT Thumb Stick Covers Before and After
Grip-iTs will protect your controller thumb sticks from excessive wear and peeling, and will also revitalize the ones which have worn out. Don't settle on rubber joysticks that are wearing off.

Easy Installation

Grip-iT Thumbstick Cover Grip Installation Instructions
(1) Flip GripiT thumb grips inside out and adjust placement on analog stick. (2) Flip GripiT thumb grips back down to wrap around analog stick.

Grip-iT Retail and Bulk Pack

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Trusted Worldwide

The Grip-iT thumb stick grip covers are available in 2 packaging options. They are American-made from exclusive materials that are soft to the touch. Trusted by gamers around the world, these controller thumb grips are perfect for extended console gaming sessions.

GripiT Product Description

GripiT controller thumb grip is the newest gaming accessory that everyone is talking about, the ultimate in analog controller joystick covers. They prevent slippage, enhances feel, comfort, and sensitivity when playing, allowing you to take control of your games and elevate your gaming performance.

Grip-iTs also create the perfect protection for your stock rubber thumb stick, and revitalizes peeling or wearing rubber on your analog thumbsticks.

The Grip-iT rubber thumb grips are Made in USA from exclusive materials that are soft to the touch and feel good on your fingers, ensuring maximum comfort during extended gaming sessions.

  • Made in USA
  • Take total control of your analog controller thumb sticks.
  • Improves controller grip and comfort, enhancing feel and sensitivity.
  • Prevents thumb slippage.
  • Protects your thumb grips from excessive wear and peeling, prolonging its life.
  • Fits all PlayStation® 4 PS4 (DualShock® 4 DS4), PS4 Slim, PS4™ Pro, PlayStation® 3 PS3 (DualShock® 3 DS3), Xbox One S™, Xbox One™ and Xbox 360® Official Controllers.

GripiTs | Mind-blowingly awesome thumbstick covers. Designed for maximum grip, comfort, and control.

Press & Reviews

"Used to use the silicone caps you buy from eBay but once I tried these I can never go back." Luis R.
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"Unmatched when it comes to providing a noticeable improvement in grip." WhatIsPlayStation4.com
WhatIsPlayStation4.com Logo

Also Available: Trigger Treadz™

Trigger Treadz Controller Trigger Grips Treads for PS4 and Xbox One

Trigger Treadz™ by iMP Gaming UK is a unique patent-pending grip for your controller triggers. Designed to prevent slippage on your PlayStation® 4 (R2 L2) and Xbox One™ / Xbox One S (RT LT) triggers. Each pack has 2 pairs for 2 controllers.

PS4 Logo White

Trigger Treadz PS4 Controller R2 L2 Trigger Grip Treads 
Xbox One Logo White

Trigger Treadz Xbox One Controller RT LT Trigger Grip Treads

High-Grade 3M™ Rubber Grip

Trigger Treadz Racing Rubber Tread Design PS4 R2 L2 Grips

2 Tread Designs

Trigger Treadz All Terrain Tread Design Xbox One RT LT Grips

Made from high-grade 3M™ silicon rubber grip and comes in 2 tread designs to suit your gaming style. GET TRACTION ON THE ACTION!™

Press & Reviews

eSports Recommended Logo

Combine the Grip-iTs with the Trigger Treadz, and you will have two essential controller accessories to ensure your controller is at it's most responsive.

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